Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apple Watch on Sale on eBay - Not as Great as Last Time but Still Good

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Update 2: Dead!

Update: I'm both happy and not happy about this.  I still had 10 left from the last sale and I was afraid of more inventory coming to the amazon market so I lowered my price to $447.  All ten sold in less than 3 hours.  They sell fast!

eBay has a sale on the Apple Watch for $375.  No taxes in NY or WA but you will have to pay taxes in NJ on this one so I will sit this one out since it wipes out any profit margin on the sale for me.

My theory is that many sellers only collect sales tax in the state they sell in.  This seller is from NJ so there is tax from NJ.  I have not tested it much.  Please let me know if it works out for you.  I would like to have some sort of rule of where there will be sales tax collected in since I can't check every state every time.

Limit of 5 per person.

The white and space gray versions sell on Amazon for about $445-$450 each.  FBA fees are ~$45 at a sale of $450 (Shipping is separate but should be $5 or less - try to ship as many items as possible in one package).  That's a takehome of about $400 at current prices.

I posted a similar deal a couple weeks ago and prices fell $20 on the space gray since then so I would expect some further price drop.  I have no idea how dramatic it will be.

The space gray usually sell faster, but I think there is a glut of them on the market.  Your call on what color to buy here.

You would earn about $25 on the sale. Since you can buy 5, there is the possibility of earning $125 just on the sale of 5.

So here's the bonus cash:

So here's the magic:

Start with Inbox Dollar and earn 5% - $18.70.
8% in eBay Bucks - Targeted - $30
Use up eBay Gift Cards - You can either use eBay gift cards which hopefully you bought at a discount or you can use a credit card that earns 2% which would be another ~$7.50.

You can buy eBay Gift cards from Gift Card Mart at 2.5% as well.  They allow you to used American Express Gift Cards so you can save a bunch there depending on how you purchased your gift cards.

Overall, you could earn over $50 per Apple Watch, over 13%, and 2.5% more if you use eBay Gift Cards.  This is a great opportunity.