Tuesday, September 8, 2015

$40 Sam's Club Gift Cards Back in Stock - Use 2 AmEx Offers for You for Free Sam's Club/Walmart Gift Cards - $36 Reselling Profit Possible

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$40 Sam's Club Gift Card Back in stock with free shipping and no tax.  Use 2 American Express cards with $20 Offers for You attached to them for absolutely free gift cards. The offers expire at the end of the month.

Sam's Club gift cards can be sold to Gift Card Zen or SaveYa electronically for over 90% as a Walmart Gift Card according to Gift Card Wiki so you can make over $36 per $40 gift card.

Portals don't work for Sam's Club Gift Cards.

You will need a Sam's Club membership or you will pay 10% extra.  You can also set up a guest membership with an address in California to avoid the extra 10% (you can still ship orders anywhere).