Sunday, August 9, 2015

XBox and TV from Best Buy - Out of Stock Online but Buy if it Comes Back in Stock

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Update 2: Out of stock again, but some are reporting that you can add each item separately at checkout with the same $500 price! (HT -  Slickdeals)

Update: Back in Stock!  Hurry if you are interested.

Best Buy is selling a Samsung TV and an XBox 500GB Halo Master Chief Collection bundle for $500.

I don't know much about video games, but I know that the XBox is seller #22 in Amazon so a lot of other people want it.

Each one of these sells for about $350 individually.  The TV is a Samsung so it will have to be sold as "like new".  FBA fees are about $80.  With tax you are paying about $550 so you can earn about $70 for each package.

The only problem is that it went on sale this morning and it is already out of stock online.  I don't know if it will go back in stock, but if it does, buy it and leave a comment so that everyone else can benefit.

Best Way to Purchase if You Find it

Use your synced American Express Offers for You for an additional $25 off

You will earn ~500 Best Buy points which are worth about $10 towards a future item.

Start your purchase at Be Frugal for an extra 1.5% cashback ($4.5).  You can also try ShopatHome for 2% cashback ($6).  I've never used it before, but others have had success.

Also, check out your local store to see if it is in stock, they might have it at the same price.

If you find it in store use the ShopKick app for kicks which can be redeemed for gift cards