Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Which Gift Card Resellers Allow American Express Gift Cards? eGift Card Delivery Speed? Scanable Barcode for in Store Use? I Need Your Help Please!

Thank you for all those who contributed to this list.

Discounted gift cards make a huge difference in your bottom line when it comes to reselling or just plain old purchases.  It can be the difference between a good deal and a great deal.

If you can add another layer of using American Express Gift Cards to pay, you can add an extra 2% of savings compared to your regular credit card if you buy them when Top Cashback is paying 2.25% (after activation fees).  It will often make a difference in which site actually has the best discount.

It's also nice to know if your gift card will come immediately so you can purchase a discounted gift card right before making a purchase.

Here is an incomplete list of payment methods for the different resellers.  I need your data points to complete the chart and help everyone!

AmEx Gift CardsAllows American ExpressSpeed of Delivery for eGCsScanable Barcode for eGCsShopping PortalLoyalty Points
RaiseYesYesImmediateNoTop Cashback - Up to $1,000
Gift Card MartYes - PayPalYesImmediateNo
CardPoolNoYesCan be up to a few daysYesTop Cashback - Up to $1,000
Gift Card ZenYes - PayPalYes - Via PayPalImmediate**Yes - Depends on Brand
Giftcards.comYes - but Might be BannedYesFast - 30 minutes?1% in G Points
GyftYes - PayPalYesImmediateTop Cashback 2% in Gyft Points
ABC Gift CardsYes - PayPalYesMost gift cards sent within 1/2 HourYes
CardCashYes - PayPalYesMost gift cards sent within 1/2 HourYesSunshine Rewards - 1% for Purchases under $1,000
Monster Gift CardYes
Gift Card SpreadNoNo
Card KangarooYes - PaypalYes - PayPal
CardFlipYes - Amazon PaymentsWebsite Claims to be immediateYes
TargetYesMinutes to Hours
StaplesYesNext day - Sometimes Longer

*When buying from Gyft, you can only receive 2% in Gyft points or 2% from a portal.  The system will not allow you to doubledip.

There are mixed reports on the speed of delivery for some including CardPool.  Some report immediate delivery and some report that it can take days.  I assume both are true.

Gift Card Zen may require you to use your default payment on PayPal, which is a pointless (pun intended) bank account for many.

Random Points
- You may experience a delay during your first order or a large order.  Security verification may be required, which will delay delivery.
- Walmart Gift Cards on Gift Card Zen are scanable.  One report said that Neiman Marcus was not.  It is possible that it has nothign to do with GCZ and everything to do with the specific merchant.
- Target eGift Cards can be added to the Target App which will create a bar code to scan at Target through the App.
- allows AmEx Gift Cards but there have been reports of shutdowns.

Please comment with your data points so the chart can be filled as much as possible.