Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Up to 4.25% off eBay Gift Cards from Gift Card Mart for Oren's Money Saver Readers - Sale Starts at 3PM CT

Update: Live! Sale is over.

Gift Card Mart will be running a sale starting at 3pm CT on  on $9,000 of eBay Gift Cards

The gift cards will be in $100 increments.

The base rate is 3% off.

Orders of $300-$400 will receive an extra 0.75% discount with code ORENSAVESUMONEY

Orders of $500-$700 will receive an extra 1% discount with code ORENSAVESUMORE

Orders of $800+ will receive an extra 1.25% discount with  code ORENSAVESUMOST

Keep in mind that you can use American Express Gift Cards to pay and gift cards are sent immediately if this isn't your first order with them.

Also note that there is a $5,000 limit of eBay Gift Card use on eBay for every PayPal account per 180 days.

There is no current increased eBay Bucks promotion, but there likely will be one next week so it is a good time to stock up.  There is almost always something good to buy on eBay once it is increased eBay Bucks time.

I have no financial relationship with Gift Card Mart.  This is just a good deal.