Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sam's Club $50 Gift Cards are Back without Shipping Fees and Why You Might Care!

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There is a current American Express Offers for you that gives a $20 statement credit for spending $20 at Sam's Club.

For a couple of days people were buying $40 gift cards until they disappeared and then Sam's Club added a large shipping fee to the $50 denominations, making them far less lucrative to buy.

Well, $50 Sam's Club gift cards are back with free shipping.

Keep in mind that Sam's Club gift cards can be used at Walmart as well, though they can be a pain to activate.  If nothing else, you should be able to sell them to SaveYa for 90.8% as Walmart gift cards.

If you use 2 American Express cards per transaction, you will save $40 off the price.  It will be $10 for the $50 of gift cards.  The gift cards can be sold for $45.40.  That's a whopping profit of $35.40 for every $50 gift card you buy!  Not too shabby!

$10 gift cards available in the same link but there is a minimum of 10 per transaction so that isn't useful.

Sam's Club Membership

You need a Sam's Club Membership to take part in this offer.  Unfortunately, there is no groupon now so you have to pay the actual $45 fee, but there will probably be other deals in the future with Groupon.  Otherwise you can pay a 10% guest checkout fee or have your address be in California where guests don't pay the 10% guest checkout fee.

The last groupon deal was for $45 for a Plus membership with a $20 gift card.  You can wait for it  to see if it comes before the offer is over!

If you are buying a membership, go to Top Cashback first and you can earn 7% cashback on your membership.  You won't earn anything for the gift card purchase, but at least you will earn for the membership.

Refer a Friend

Sam's club apparently has a refer a friend program as well.

Refer a Friend a receive a $10 Sam's Club eGift Card.  The person you refer will also get a $10 eGift Card