Sunday, August 16, 2015

Roomba 880 for $499 on eBay - $699 on Amazon - Buy Now only 15 Left - Great Profit!

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Update: Dead!

eBay has the Roomba 880 for $499.  This sells for $699 on Amazon with about a $120 FBA (Steep, but worth it!)

Limit of 5

No taxes in NJ

It is a fast seller as well.

There are only 15 left so I won't go through everything so you don't miss it but make sure to go to Top Cashback (1.2%).  You could also use for 2%.  Some have had success with them, otherwise have had the cashback track at 1% and needed to ask for an increase.  I've never used them for eBay, thought I should try it out.

Use eBay gift cards if you have them.  Don't buy them because it will be gone by the time you try.