Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i3 64GB from eBay - $150+ Reselling Opportunity - Take Advantage of Increased eBay Bucks

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Update - Price drops by $5 if you buy 2 at a time.

eBay has the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 12" 64GB i3 on sale for $630, with no tax in NJ.  Limit of 5 per account.

The same item is selling for ~$710.  FBA fees are about $43 or so takehome is ~665 after fees (shipping fees are extra - shouldn't be more than $5 per Surface. Group them together to save on shipping).
That means you will take home about $30 just on the sale of one.  Remember, you can buy 5 so you can make $150 on the sale alone!

Here's the magic:

Start with Top Cashback and earn 1.2% - $7.56
6% in eBay Bucks - Targeted - $37.80
Use up eBay Gift Cards which hopefully you bought at a discount or you can use a credit card that earns 2% which would be another ~$12.50.

Alternatively, you could buy eBay Gift Cards on Raise for 4% off (savings of $25) and still get your 2% from your credit card.

Raise allows you to use American Express Gift Cards which can add an extra 2% of savings if you bought them with a Fidelity American Express card when Top Cashback was paying 2.25 for AGCs. That would an extra $12.50.

You can also buy eBay Gift Cards at Target.com for 10% off (up to 15% off if you use your Target RedCard - even more if you combine that with discounted Target Gift Cards).  Limit of 3 per transaction.

Your takehome - $30 + $7.50 + $37.80 + $12.50 +25 = $112 also known as 17.9% profit.

Not too shabby!

Note - max of 5 per person.  There is a max of $100 of eBay bucks per transaction.  Buy 2 at a time to maximize eBay Bucks.

This is ranked 281th in computers so it will should sell fast!