Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Microsoft Surface on Sale on eBay - Great Reselling Opportunity for Increased eBay Bucks

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Update 2 - Back up to $840.  (HT - @pointsforlater) I wouldn't worry too much about the price.  It might not be high when you are ready to sell, but it probably will climb back to the mid $800's at some point.  No guarantees though!

Update: Now selling for $775 on Amazon!  Not good!  I have a feeling the price will increase again once this sale is over from eBay but I can't say that for sure.

Based on price history, I am still not too worried.

The eBay hits just keep on coming!

Other eBay Deals still available from yesterday
MacBook Air

eBay has the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 128GB i5 on sale for $780, with no tax at all (at least in NJ and NY - please comment if you find taxes in your state).  Update - A reader commented that WA has tax of over $70.  That really hits your profit margin.

The same item is selling for $845-$850 on Amazon.  FBA fees are about $50 or so.
That means you will take home about $20 just on the sale.

Here's the real magic:

Start with Top Cashback and earn 1.2% - $9.36
8% in eBay Bucks - Targeted - $62.40
Use up eBay Gift Cards which hopefully you bought at a discount or you can use a credit card that earns 2% which would be another ~$16.

Alternatively, you could buy eBay Gift Cards on Raise for 3.3% off (savings of $26.36) and still get your 2% from your credit card ($15.45).  You would have already earned another ~$15 if you bought AmEx gift cards with your 2% card and used those to pay on Raise.

You can also buy eBay Gift Cards on Gift Cart Mart for 3.5% off.  I don't have as much experience with them, but I'm pretty sure you can use AmEx gift cards and readers have had favorable experiences.

Assuming you are just buying new eBay gift cards on raise, you save another ~$40

Your takehome - $20 + $9.36 + $62.40 + $40 = $131.40 also known as 16.5% of profit.

Not too shabby!

Note - max of 5 per person.  There is a max of $100 of eBay bucks per transaction.  Buy 1 at a time to maximizing eBay Bucks.

This is ranked 48th on Amazon so it will sell super fast!