Thursday, August 27, 2015

MacBook on Sale on eBay - Great Reselling Moneymaker Possible - Only 14 Left - Buy, Buy, Buy!

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Update 3 - sold out again

Update - Back on Sale with about 70 Left! In two hours it's gone from 70 to 12.  If you interested, buy it now!
Update - Dead! 

This is ranked #14 in Laptops so they sell really fast.

There's only 14 left so I won't go through the math now.

MacBook 13" for $799 right now on eBay with no tax in NJ.  I've sold three of them as new in the last week for between $915-$930 before fees on Amazon.  I made 5-7% on the sale price alone.  Everything else was gravy!

Add in 4% in eBay Bucks and 5.5% off from CardCash or 5% off from eBay with 5x Ultimate Rewards points and you have a great reselling moneymaker. is offering 2% cashback at eBay

Since there are only 14 left you won't have much competition either.