Tuesday, August 4, 2015

MacBook on sale on eBay - Fantastic Reselling Opportunity!

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Update - There is an issue coming up with this MacBook which I assume will affect this MacBook as well.  There were two listings on Amazon.  On one listing you are able to list the MacBook as New and on the other listing you cannot list the Amazon as new.

Amazon has decided that the listing allowing for new MacBooks is not authorized and has removed that listing.  This happened to me as well.

Here is what to do:

1) Add a New Product under the ASIN B00UGE8RXC
2) List it as "Like New" with a description showing how it really is new
3) Pick a price
4) Contact Amazon through the "Help" section of FBA.  The agents will be able to transfer the inventory into your new listing.  

To find the chat, after you click on "Help", click on "Contact Us" on the Bottom. Click on "Fulfillment by Amazon", then click on "Other FBA Issue" (HT - Miles Whip)

The "Like New" won't sell as fast and likely you will be losing some profit($15-20?), but it still should be profitable.  I sincerely apologize about that.  I'm learning too.

Keep in mind that the time will come where prices will drop with new versions possibly coming out and you may also have extra returns because of that.   I think this is well worth the risk.

A seller is selling the Apple MacBook Air 128GB 11.6" for $750 before tax.  The best part is that there is no tax in certain states, like NJ.  Tax in NY will add about $60.

The same item is selling for $850-$860 on Amazon.  FBA fees are a measly $50 or so.  If you live in NJ, you will take home about $50 just on the sale!

Here's the real magic:

Start with Top Cashback and earn 1.2% - $9
8% in eBay Bucks - Targeted - $60
Use up eBay Gift Cards - Priceless!  Seriously, though, you can either use eBay gift cards which hopefully you bought at a discount or you can use a credit card that earns 2% which would be another ~$15.
Alternatively, you could buy eBay Gift Cards on Raise for 3.3% off and still get your 2% from your credit card. $24.75

If you live in NJ, your takehome is about Overall, you would earn about $140.  Holy cow, that's more than 18%!  Even More if you use eBay Gift Cards

If you live in NY your takehome is about $60, still a respectable $80 (about 10%). Even more if you use eBay Gift Cards

Not too shabby!

Note - max of 2 per person.  There is a max of $100 of eBay bucks per transaction.  Buy 1 at a time to maximizing eBay Bucks.

This is ranked 362 on Amazon so it will sell fast!