Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MacBook on Sale on eBay - $45+ Reselling Opportunity

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Update: Inventory increased to about 900.  Out of stock increased to 2% for eBay purchases. HT - @Tgere79 on Twitter and in a comment.

eBay has a MacBook 13" for $799 on sale.  It's a very competitive price at $800 with no taxes in NJ. Max of 1.

On Amazon, it is going for about $900-$910 with FBA fees of about $55 + shipping fees.  That's a take home of $845 if you sell it for $900.

That's a profit of $45 just on the sale, over 5% profit.

In addition, you will earn 2% in eBay Bucks ($16), a minimum of 2% in credit card rewards ($16, 1.2% from Top Cashback ($7.68).  That's an extra $40 combined, another 5% profit.

This deal would be a lot better if there were increased eBay Bucks and that might come back this week, but it isn't for sure.  You can either wait to wait for increased eBay Bucks or you can try to buy now.

There are about 730 left so you should be able to wait if necessary, just make sure to monitor how many are left in a couple of hours

Sales rank is a fantastic 14!

eBay Gift Cards

To sweeten the deal you can buy discounted eBay gift cards.  You can buy eBay Gift Cards for 3% off and they accept American Express Gift Cards.  That could be another 5% profit.  Overall you should be able to earn over $100 if you use discounted eBay Gift Cards.

That being said, there was a similar deal last week, so there may be some added competition and prices may decrease.  We will see.