Friday, August 21, 2015

Lenovo Laptop at Best Buy - $90++ Reselling Opportunity

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Update - Price up to $330 - Dead as a reseller

HT - DA via Email

Lenovo laptop on sale at Best Buy.  It costs $250 at Best Buy.  After tax, it costs me $267.   Limit of 3 per person.    

The same item is $325 on Amazon.  After FBA fees, your takehome is ~$295.

That's a profit of ~$30 per item.  You can buy 3 for a profit of $90!  It gets much better.

Buy them one at a time with different synced AmEx cards to maximize profit!

You will earn ~250 Best Buy points  (per laptop) which is worth about $5 towards a future item.  I am a Best Buy Elite so I earn $6 per item.

Start your purchase at Be Frugal for an extra 1.5% cashback.  You could also use for 2% and 50 Shop Gold Points. I've had good success with them and Best Buy

You will also earn 1% or more with your credit card ($2.50+)

Amazon ranking is about 349 in computers so it will sell fast!