Friday, August 7, 2015

iPod Touch 5th Generation On Sale at Best Buy - Use with AmEx Offer - Very Solid Resell

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Update 2 - Price raised to $159.99

Update: Many people are saying that the price starts at $199.99 but drops down to $149.99 in the shopping cart. 

The iPod Touch 5th Generation (not the newest generation) 16GB version is on sale at Best Buy for $150.  Limit of 5 per person.

If you buy 2 of them, the price is $325 for me with tax.

Use your synced American Express Offers for You for an additional $25 off so you are paying $300.  Basically the sync offer negates taxes for me.  $150 per iPod including tax.

They sell on Amazon for $205-$215 each.  FBA fees are ~$20 so $40 for 2.

If you can only sell for $205, you takehome will be about $35 per iPod.  $70 for the 2 of them.  If you can sell for $215, your take home is closer to $45 per iPad.  That's 20% margins on the sale.  I didn't even get to anything else.

You can repeat this again since the limit is 5.

You will earn ~300 Best Buy points  (per 2 iPods) which are worth about $6 towards a future item.

Start your purchase at Be Frugal for an extra 1.5% cashback ($4.5).  You can also try ShopatHome for 2% cashback ($6).  I've never used it before, but others have had success.

You will also earn 1% or more with your credit card ($3+)

I need to spend another $85 to get to Best Buy Elite Plus status (one of the perks of reselling) so I will definitely take advantage of this offer to resell.

Amazon ranking is about 5,000.  It might be a slower resell, but with these margins I think it is worth it.  I sold a 64GB version of the same iPod and it sold within 1 day or 2.  Make sure it is priced to sell and you should be fine.