Thursday, August 20, 2015

iPads on Sale at Staples with 5% Cashback from Be Frugal - $20++ Reselling MoneyMaker

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Update 3 - Back in Stock

Update 2 - Currently Out of Stock.  They may come back into stock so check the Staples site every once in a while this weekend  

Update: Be Frugal terms and conditions exclude tablets.  Use Upromise instead for the same 5%.  Anyone who needs a referral to Upromise can email me and we will both get $20 (though it takes a long time to get paid).

Staples is having a nice sale on iPads, up to $100 off .

There are a few opportunities here for reselling.

The iPad Mini 3 is on sale for $289 (That's actually $110 off).

The space gray version goes for $349 on Amazon and it is the only one in stock until about $370.

Let's assume you are paying $310 after taxes.

Let's assume you can sell for $350 on Amazon, which should not be a problem.

FBA fees are about $20 so your take home is about $330.  That's a $20 profit on the sale and Staples comes with all sorts of goodies!

Start your purchase from Be Frugal Upromise and you will earn an additional 5% ($14.45) and up to 5% in Staples Rewards.

Use Your Chase Ink card and earn another 5x points in Ultimate Rewards points (1545)

You should be able to buy one in multiple colors and the math is very similar for all of them.

You can also use gift cards instead of using a Chase Ink.  You can buy eGift Cards from Gift Card Mart for 8% off or Card Flip for 8.4% off.  If they run out, Raise is selling at 7% off.    If you use your regular 2% card to pay, you will earn an extra 2%.  That's an extra $30 off instead of 1,545 points.  Depends how you value your points.

The iPad air 2 64 GB is on sale for $499 instead of $599 but it is more of a break even sale before the extra.  Being sold on Amazon for about $550 and FBA are about $30-$35.  With tax it isn't nearly as good a deal.

Please keep in mind that Apple may be announcing new products soon so prices may come down and you would be left holding the bag or you may have extra returns.