Sunday, August 16, 2015

iPad Air 2 from eBay for $380 - $50+ Resell Opportunity

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Keep in mind that the time will come where prices will drop with new versions possibly coming out and you may also have extra returns because of that.  That issue is definitely on my mind.

eBay has a sale on iPad Air 2 16GB $380. Price is $380 and has no taxes in NJ

Limit of 2 per person.

This is being sold on Amazon for about $430-435.  FBA fees are ~$25 at a sale of $435 (Shipping is separate but should be $5 or less - try to ship as many items as possible in one package).  That's a takehome of about $405-$410.  .

You would earn about $22 on the sale. Since you can buy 2 per color (max possibility of buying 4 right now), there is the possibility of earning $50 just on the sale of 2.

So here's the magic:

Start with Top Cashback and earn 1.2% - $4.50
2% in eBay Bucks (increased eBay Bucks won't come back until Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday- this deal might be gone - Around 1,000 of each.  You can decide on your own whether you should wait) - $7.60
Use up eBay Gift Cards - You can either use eBay gift cards which hopefully you bought at a discount or you can use a credit card that earns 2% which would be another ~$7.60.

Alternatively, you could buy eBay Gift Cards on Raise for 4% off and still get your 2% from your credit card.  That would add an extra $15.20.

Raise allows you to use American Express Gift Cards which can add an extra 2% of savings if you bought them with a Fidelity American Express card when Top Cashback was paying 2.25 for AGCs.  That would an extra $7.60.

Overall, you could conservatively earn about $60 per iPad, close to 16%, with potential for even more if you have American Express Gift Cards to use or discounted eBay Gift Cards from other sales. Not too shabby!

You can buy up to 2 of them per color so there is potential for over $120 of earnings, $240 if you buy 4.

You could also use for 2%.  Some have had success with them, otherwise have had the cashback track at 1% and needed to ask for an increase.  I've never used them for eBay, thought I should try it out.

Keep in mind that if you use Top Cashback, you can file a Price Match Guarantee claim once the transactions posts to match the 2%, but it must be within 7 days of the transaction so it is a small window.

Please comment below if you ever have used ShopatHome for eBay and what your experience has been.  Thanks.