Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gift Cards on Sale on eBay - One Reselling Moneymaker

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HT - Dan's Deals

Unfortunately, 4x eBay Bucks is gone, but there are some discounted gift cards on sale on eBay  that are nice if you are interested in these merchants.

Remember to start all your purchases from Top Cashback for 1.2% cashback and use a Chase Ink card for the 2 digital gift cards since it will likely earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points.

Digital Gift Cards
$200 Staples eGift Cards for $170 - Same as Yesterday's sale - Limit of 2
$50 iTunes Gift Cards for $40 - Same as Yesterday's sale - Limit of 4

Physical Gift Cards
$50 Cabela's Gift Card for $40 - Sell to SaveYa for $39.50 - Limit of 5
$100 Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card for $90 - Good for reselling Roombas - Limit of 3
$50 CVS Gift Card for $45 - Limit of 5

You can buy Cabela's for $200, sell for $197.50.  Keep $4 of eBay Bucks and $4 of credit card rewards. $2.40 from Top Cashback.

The digital gift cards are sold by PayPal Digital Gifts who has unknown velocity limits so you may not be able to buy the gift cards.  Very frustrating sometimes.  I keep getting caught in their blackhole of deals.

You can also buy some discount eBay Gift Cards ($100 for $105) to pay for the deal