Sunday, August 9, 2015

eBay - MacBook on Sale - Can Resell Now but Wait Until Increased eBay Bucks - Maybe Buy Some eBay Gift Cards?

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Update - 4x eBay Bucks is now available so you will earn $64 in eBay Bucks.  Not too shabby!

eBay has a MacBook Pro Notebook 13.3" MD101LL/A 500GB computer on sale.  It's a very competitive price at $800. Max of 2.

After taxes in NJ, it costs ~$860.

On Amazon, it is going for about $930-$950 with FBA fees of about $60 + shipping fees.  The home page shows shows $930, but the next best offer that is eligible for prime is more than $940 which is probably closer to where you can sell it at.  Your take home would be about $10-30.  It's much better if you use eBay Gift Cards as I outline below.

In addition, you will earn 2% in eBay Bucks ($16), a minimum of 2% in credit card rewards ($16, 1.2% from Top Cashback ($7.68).  That's an extra $40 combined

This deal would be a lot better if there were increased eBay Bucks and according to Doctor of Credit we are due for it either tomorrow or the next day.  For example, even a 3x increase would be an extra $48!  A 5x increase would be an extra $80 in eBay Bucks!

There are more than 2,200 for sale so I wouldn't be too concerned to rush in and buy.  I will probably wait until tomorrow to see if we have increased eBay Bucks and monitor how many are left.  If there are fewer than 500 tonight, I might jump in early to buy.  I find that unlikely.

Sales rank is a fantastic 16!

Buy them one at a time to maximize eBay Bucks (maximum of $100 of eBay Bucks earned in one purchase)

eBay Gift Cards

To sweeten the deal you can buy discounted eBay gift cards.  Right now you can get 5.5% off eBay Gift Cards from Raise with coupon code TAKE5.  These are $100 denominations for the most part. Some people have trouble using more than $500 at one time and some have trouble using more than 7 gift cards at once.  The promo code is one time use per account so buy as many as you need in one purchase.

If you are able to pay $700 of the price with eBay Gift cards that are 5.5% off, you will save another $38.50, which is obviously a big deal.

You can buy $100 eBay Gift Cards from Staples with a Chase Ink card for 5x Ultimate Rewards points but that usually takes at least a day for it to be emailed to you.  You can try and use a portal, but the news hasn't been great in that direction.

My point is that you should get yourself ready for increased eBay Bucks.  There are sure to be reselling deals, either this computer or other deals as well.