Monday, August 10, 2015

eBay Deals Currently Available for Resell

Last night I posted about a MacBook that was available, I mentioned that it was a good idea to wait a day or two.  Well, now it's time to buy since you can now get 4x eBay Bucks.

Check out the details here.

I also mentioned an iPad deal last week, there are fewer than 10 in stock of each color left.  If you are interested, see the details here.

$50 iTunes Gift Cards is still available for $40, but not many left.  Not a reselling moneymaker but good if you like iTunes.  You also will not earn the full 4x since it is under $50.

You can buy eBay Gift Cards from Raise for about 2% off, usually it is about 3.3%, but I guess they haven't adjusted from their weekend sale.  I hope you took advantage of that sale, but if you didn't there still are good deal to be had.

You can also buy eBay Gift Cards from Gift Card Mart for 3.15% off.  You can use American Express Gift Cards at both sites.