Saturday, August 22, 2015

Discounted Gift Cards on eBay - Chevron, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sears, CVS, The Limited

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  eBay, Top Cashback and Raise

eBay is a having a sale on a few brands of gift cards.  None are awesome deals, but you might be interested in some.  Keep in mind that you can buy eBay Gift Cards from   Raise at 5% off so that makes some of these deals better but there is a limit of using $5,000 of eBay Gift Cards per PayPal account in a rolling 180 day period.

Keep in mind that we may see increased eBay Bucks coming sometime early next week (Sunday, Monday or Tuesday) which will make these deals better.

$100 Chevron Gift Card for $90.  HT: Miles Whip on Doctor of Credit

These will go fast, more than 5,000 sold in 24 hours and there are fewer than 2,000 remaining.  These are good for using yourself for the most part.  You can sell to ABC Gift Cards for 90.3%.  You can keep 0.3% and all the eBay Bucks and 1.2% from Top Cashback

$100 Sears Gift Card for $85 - Limit of 2.  You can sell the digital code to SaveYa for 84% which is a loss of 1% but you still earn the rest.  Not really worth it in my opinion unless you are interested in
hitting a credit card minimum or if you want something from Sears.

$100 Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card for $90 - Limit of 3 - Great for Reselling Roombas.

$100 CVS Gift Cards for $90 - Limit of 3 - Really just for personal use

$100 The Limited Gift Card for $85 - Limit of 5

-Earn 2% from your credit card, like Fidelity American Express, for a minimum of $5.40 profit.  

Top Cashback is offering 1.2% cashback at eBay for another $3.24 profit.

Use up your eBay gift cards if you have them.  You can also buy eBay Gift Cards from Raise for up to 5.0% off

A Word of Caution

  1. No tracking given to you for the cards to be mailed out, but you should be covered by eBay guarantees.
  2. Gift card reselling prices are always in flux.  When big deals like these come out, you should sell as soon as possible to minimize the chance that the price being offered for your gift card lowers because of resellers.