Thursday, August 27, 2015

Apple Watch from eBay for $375 - $200+ Reselling Moneymaker!

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Update: Black is sold out!  White is not as easy to sell.

eBay has a sale on the Apple Watch for $375, which is even better than the $390 from last week.  No tax in New Jersey.

Limit of 5 per person.

I sold 2 of the space gray version yesterday on Amazon for over $465 each.  They both sold in a couple of hours.  FBA fees are ~$45 at a sale of $465 (Shipping is separate but should be $5 or less - try to ship as many items as possible in one package).  That's a takehome of about $420.

You would earn about $50 on the sale. Since you can buy 5, there is the possibility of earning $200 just on the sale of 5.

So here's the bonus cash:

Start with and earn 2% - $7.50
4% in eBay Bucks (2% if you are not targeted) - $15
Use up eBay Gift Cards - You can either use eBay gift cards which hopefully you bought at a discount or you can use a credit card that earns 2% which would be another $7.50.

Alternatively you could buy eBay Gift cards at 5.5% off from CardCash or 5% off from eBay with 5x Ultimate Rewards points and you have yourself a lot of extra cash

Overall, you could conservatively earn over $80 per Apple Watch, over 20%, and 5% more if you use eBay Gift Cards.  This is a massive opportunity.  Stick with Black Version.  It sells much faster.