Friday, August 14, 2015

$100 BP Gift Card for $90 - Limit of 3 - Reselling Moneymaker

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eBay is a having a sale on BP gift cards.  $100 BP Gift Card for $90 - Limit of 3

These will go fast so I would buy now if you are interested.

This can be a money maker for reselling or just a really gift discount, all from the comfort of your Pajamas.

You can buy up to 3 $100 gift cards for $90 each, $270 for $300 is the limit.

- You can break even (even getting a small profit) by reselling the gift cards (currently buying at 90.5%) according to Gift Card Wiki.  Little profit at this point.

- You will earn the regular eBay Bucks offer of 2%, you will earn $5.40 if you bought the full $300 of gift cards.  

-Earn 2% from your credit card, like Fidelity American Express, for a minimum of $5.40 profit.  Use eBay Gift Cards if you have them.

Top Cashback is offering 1.2% cashback at eBay for another $3.24 profit.


  • Gift card arbitrage - Break even
  • eBay Bucks - $5.40 for future purchase
  • Credit card rewards - $5.40
  • Top Cashback - $3.24
  • Total = $8.64 profit +$5.40 in eBay Bucks

You may have to pay for postage to send the cards in,  depending on which exchange you sell to. 

If you already have all the accounts set up, this will take no more than 5 minutes.  You can earn some free money and get closer to spending requirements.  Not too shabby!

Use up your eBay gift cards if you have them.

A Word of Caution

  1. No tracking given to you for the cards to be mailed out, but you should be covered by eBay guarantees.
  2. Gift card reselling prices are always in flux.  When big deals like these come out, you should sell as soon as possible to minimize the chance that the price being offered for your gift card lowers because of resellers.