Sunday, August 30, 2015

$10 off $50 Physical Whole Foods Gift Cards on

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HT - Friend via electronic communication is having a sale on Whole Foods gift cards.  $10 off.  You can buy a $50 gift card for $41.99 ($1.99 shipping), a $100 gift card for $91.99 or a $200 gift card for $191.99.

You can sell the physical gift cards for 88% of the value ($44) at SaveYa according to Gift Card Wiki.  Not an amazing deal for reselling but you can make some money.  Keep in mind that there are shipping costs as well for most companies and prices can go down.

 This is really much better if you are interested in using Whole Foods Gift Cards for your own purposes.

Limit of 1

You can try to use a shopping portal, but lately they haven't been working for gift cards bought on Staples.

Use your Chase INK Business card for 5x Ultimate Rewards points as well.