Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You Can Still Product Change to Better Balance Rewards

The Bank of America Better Balance Rewards is one of my favorite credit cards.  It takes about an hour to set everything up, but once you set up one automatic bill (or donation to your favorite blogger!) and put the card on AutoPay, you can earn $25-$30 every 3 months.

The card doesn't come with any sign up bonus so one of the best suggestions has been to sign up for a card that has a sign up bonus and product change that card to a Better Balance Rewards.  This has always worked for me in the past.

Recently, though, I was having trouble converting the card.  I kept calling and I reached out via chat and I kept being told that the BBR card is no longer available as a product change for most costumers and I wasn't able to convert.  It happened 3 times so I figured they must actually know what they are talking about.  It turns out that CSR still don't know what they are talking about.

After that post, Stary commented that her friend very recently product changed.  That gave me the motivation to keep calling.  

After a few more calls, I was finally able to find someone who was willing to do the product change (Cash rewards to BBR).  I had two cards to product change so once I had this person on the phone, I asked to change both cards.  No problem!  Two cards in one phone call.  Only took about 6 interactions with BofA!

Either way, I can confirm that product changes are still allowed even when you already have the card, at least for now.  As annoying as it sounds, just keep calling!1