Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Top Cashback Extra 10% Today Only

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HT - Miles Whip on Doctor of Credit

Top Cashback  is offering an extra 10% cashback on all of their portal earnings today.  The only exception is American Express Gift Cards.  Direct Link to promotion.

If you are buying Sabon eGift Cards for free merchandise there through AMEX express checkout, the payout is increasing to 8.8% or $0.88 per gift card you buy.  Not a huge deal, but nice.  When you finally use your gift cards, hopefully you can actually get some real money from the portal.

Included in this promotion is a 10% increase in selling gift cards to raise.  You will earn $11 for every gift card you sell $50+ and $1.65 if the gift card is $20-$49

You will earn 2.2% for buying most gift cards (instead of 2%) and 1.1% for select gift cards