Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Raise Now Sells eBay Gift Cards - You Probably Won't Want to Buy Them

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Raise recently started selling eBay gift cards.  This is great.  The more gift cards that are available the better.  That being said, I can't see a reason I will be buying them for now.

When you look at the Raise site, the discount has been steady at 3% since they were added.

This isn't bad.  If you buy the cards with a Fidelity American Express, you are earning another 2%.  If you buy the cards with an AMEX Gift Card you bought with a Fidelity American Express when the payout was 2.25% (like yesterday), you can add another 1.9% assuming you have free shipping. That's 6.9% off!  Not too shabby, but we can do better.

Even Better Alternatives

  • Buy on eBay when they are already discounted.  
    • Haven't seen one in a little while, but hopefully they will come back.  This is especially great when they are sold by PayPal Digital Gifts which should earn 5x Ultimate Rewards Points with a Chase Ink card.  If a portal pays out for the purchase, which it often does, you can earn another 1% or so.