Monday, July 27, 2015

PSA - You Should Still Never Use Gift Card Rescue - Changing Buying Prices on You

A while back I posed a PSA to not use Gift Card Rescue.  After you send in your gift cards, they sent many people emails stating that if you don't give them certain documents, you can consider your gift cards a donation.

Miles to Memories joined with his own PSA and DoC said he will no longer sell to them.

Their responses on twitter weren't all that impressive either.

I have stopped selling to them even when it could have been more lucrative, which was on more than one occasion.

To be fair, my sale has gone through (so far) without another hitch,  though I am still waiting for the check.   I was emailed that they will pay me the full amount they said.

Others have not been so lucky:

Since then, there have been a number of people who have commented on the original post and the comments have not been pretty either.

Reader Chris had a similar story:

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Chris· 1 day ago
I completely agree with this post on Gift Card Rescue. This is a WARNING from myself. These guys are SHADY!!! I was quoted at $200 for my gift cards and immediately sent them in. I then get an email stating they received them and that the offer has been lowered to $160 for no reason!!! I can either have them sent back to me or I can just accept this price. I don't care how good the offer was, I wouldn't sell these or any other gift cards in the future to these guys! So I give them a call and the lady has enough nerve to tell me that they usually require the seller to send a self addressed stamped envelope back, but they'll take of that for me. HOW NICE OF THEM!!! Also, if I happened to not respond to them in 30 they just keep the cards and consider them "abandoned". Something needs to be done about this business.

Reader Jack has a pretty horrific story:

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Jack· 1 week ago
I received the similar email and sent all the receipt etc. documents. At the end giftcardrescue still rejected my sale (they said they reserve the rights to do so). My disaster is not the rejection of the sale, I am completely ok if they reject my sale. But they have to return all my cards to me. The awful thing they did to me was that giftcardrescue mailed me back an empty envelop (with a tracking number as the prof for delivery) with no cards in it and claimed that it is the USPS lost my cards and they are not responsible at all. Can you believe that a company whose business rely on packing and shipping will pack $4700 cards(in $50 value of each card) in a format that would allow all of them fall out completely in the 2 days priority mail delivery? I hope orensmoneysaver and others who still doing business with giftcardrescue will not receive an empty envelop ever and you will get paid or receive the cards purchased or need to be returned ect.. Hope all of you good luck and no need to suffer the lose I experienced with giftcardrescue. If any of you had the similar experience and would like to join a classic lawsuit , please contact me. Thank you.

Once again, please do not use Gift Card Rescue as you are risking losing your merchandise or getting less than what was promised.  If you have had a bad experience, you can also file a report with the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General's office.