Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Newegg Responds to Cancellations with $5 Coupon Code - With A Suggestion

Update:  I decided to buy a 16GB micro SD which costs $6 with $1 shipping which I needed for my phone anyways.

Earlier today Newegg cancelled many people's $0.30 orders.  They recently responded by giving everyone who bought from there a $5 coupon code.  It's nice to see some good customer service.

The coupon code is attached to your email and can only be used one time and unfortunately does not work on Gift Cards.  If anyone finds anything of value that is $5 or close to it that the coupon code works for, please comment.

Dear OREN,

We are contacting you today regarding your recent purchase of one or more items sold by V-Top Trading, a Marketplace Seller. Unfortunately, there was a system error that caused the item to be listed for sale at an extremely low price along with free shipping from overseas. Due to this inadvertent pricing error, the orders were voided.

Newegg is dedicated to ensuring our customers are notified and provided with all necessary information whenever an error occurs. As a token of our sincere apology for this system error, we have arranged for a $5.00 off personal promo code that will be good for a single use on the account that is associated with this email address.

Promo Code: *****

If you have any questions regarding the information provided in this email, please do not hesitate to contact Newegg Customer Service through one of the convenient contact methods provided here. We value your business and thank you for your understanding.

Newegg Customer Service

*This coupon code is non-transferable and may only be redeemed using the account attached to this e-mail address. You may only use this promo code on one order of $5 or more. Promo codes may not be stacked (only one promo code may be used per item). Qualifying order must be placed on between 12:01 am PT (Pacific Time) on 7/15/2015 and 11:59 pm PT on10/13/2015. This code may not be used in conjunction with combo deals. This code may not be redeemed for cash or credited into your account for future use. Items sold by Newegg Marketplace sellers do not qualify. Any order making use of this code is also subject to all terms and conditions set forth in Newegg's standard Policy and Agreement.