Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Discover Deals and 5% Cashback Information - Sears Online Purchases Earn 5% and Possible Best Buy Clawbacks? Still Evolving

I mentioned earlier today that there have been rumors of clawbacks of cashback from Discover, specifically for not using Discover as your payment.

Some questions of readers made me go back to my Discover statement to see what the results have been.

First the good news:

My purchase of Gift Cards from earned 5% in the rotating categories.  Confirmed.

The only purchase I made in Home Improvement stores or Department Stores was an online purchase of gift cards.  I purchased the gift cards on the 13th, my statement closed and I already have the cashback.

In addition, I asked Discover on Twitter and they confirmed as well.

Further Good News

That same day, I used my gift cards online to make a purchase through Discover Deals.  That money posted as well.  I did not use any other form of payment besides gift cards.

The $90 from Staples was a purchase of $1,800 of Groupon eGift Cards at Staples that was made with Chase Ink so I earned my 5% from Discover Deals for that as well.

Some not so good news:

On June 1st, I made a purchase at Best Buy through Discover Deals and I did not pay with my Discover card.  I received my confirmation email on June 6th that I would receive my $75.

This purchase was made more than 6 weeks ago, but less than 8 weeks ago, but it was also made more than 6 weeks before my Sears Purchase.

I did not receive any cashback bonus for that purchase yet.  I thought maybe it would still post.  Maybe Best Buy is slower to pay Discover Deals than Sears is.

Some really not so good news:

I made a purchase back in April at Best Buy and got my confirmation email email as well:

When I look at my statements for the last 12 months, I have no Discover Deals cashback from Best Buy.  None at all.  This is definitely past the 8 weeks where it should have posted.  I have made additional Best Buy purchases as well before that.  Nothing.

Was is it a clawback?  Maybe.

I have other purchases from Staples and Living Social that have given me extra cashback even when Discover was not used for payment.

Is Best Buy performing the clawback?  Maybe.  It's not clear to me, but I am definitely a little bit concerned.

For now, I have to recommend using Discover at least as part of your payment when using Discover Deals.  I think with the Discover Double promotion, there will be more sets of eyes on these statements than usual.


Online sears purchases earned 5%
Online sears purchases using gift cards so far are qualifying for Discover Deals
Online Staples purchases using a non-Discover card so far qualified for Discover Deals
Online Best Buy purchases using a non-Discover card may have cashback clawedback

This is still evolving and we will have more data as more statements close.

Please comment with your data points so we can try to put something comprehensive together.  Did you have any clawbacks?  What are the dates?  What did you buy and from where?