Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Junkcard - Bounced Checks but a Good Response

Junkcard is one of the many companies vying for your unwanted gift cards.

Reselling gift cards, especially physical gift cards, is a business based on trust.  You send your gift cards to a company and you rely on the companies name and reputation that you will be paid as agreed upon with no surprises.

Recently, someone contacted me saying that they received a check from Junkcard, but that the check bounced.  This is obviously concerning.  Are they going to get paid?  Is Junkcard about to go under because they don't have money?

He even sent me the check with NSF (not sufficient funds) stamped in the corner.

I didn't want to make an announcement without all the information so I asked him to reach out to the company.  Maybe there is a mistake?  He said he reached out on Twitter, Email and phone calls.  Nothing yet.

Definitely concerning.

I reached out on Twitter asking if anyone had any problems with Junkcard (one of the reasons to follow Bloggers on Twitter!) and I got another report of a bounced check.  This time, though, the person said that the check bounced, but Junkcard reissued the check and offered to reimburse the fee for the bounced check.

Then, without solicitation, someone commented the following on the blog:

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Octavio· 20 hours ago
Just wanted to say that Junkcard.com might be sending out worthless checks. They sent me a hand-written Chase check as payment for some gift cards I sent them. I deposited it on 7/21 and it was returned unpaid today. I was actually happy with how fast they sent the check, but my joy was short-lived as the check was unpaid and I was charged $12 for depositing it. Personally, I am not dealing with Junkcard anymore and I suggest that if you have a check coming from them to perhaps verify it by calling/going to the issuer's bank before depositing it. I was not the only one recently burned by them - resellerratings.com has at least 2 other reports claiming the same.

I continued to follow up with the original person who contacted me and his story ends well.  He contacted Junkcard at contact@junkcard.com and got the following response.

We apologize for the error experienced with the check deposit as we have been experiencing issues while attempting to switch accounts. A new check will be issued to you along with the fee reimbursement charged by your bank.
Thank you.

You can check the status of reply to this ticket online at: http://junkcard.com/helpdesk/ticket/external/id/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Thank you,

Junkcard Going Forward 

If you have gotten a bounced check from them.  Send an emal to contact@junkcard.com  Hopefully they take care of you.

I am a firm believer that companies are allowed to make mistakes.  Bounced checks shouldn't happen and this problem must be remedied going forward.

That being said, what distinguishes one company from the next is how they respond.  I consider this to a be an appropriate response to the issue of a bounced check.  I would hope this issue will not continue, but at least I know that if it does occur, Junkcard will take care of the problem