Thursday, July 16, 2015

iPad Air 2 64GB $499 No Tax on eBay

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Bluetek is selling iPad Air 2 64GB on eBay for $499 without taxes if you live in the correct state (I live in NJ and there was no tax for me).  Limit of 2.

I have had great experiences with them, specifically when there have been issues with no one being home for the delivery.  I was not charged return shipping or any restocking fees.

You can sell these on Amazon for about $550-$565.  Fees are about $35 so you are making a small profit.  There are reasons you would want to do this even if your profit is small.

You will earn 1.1% from Top Cashback ($5.50) and $10 in eBay Bucks for each iPad you buy.  You should also be earning at least $10 in credit card points (2%).  Alternatively, you can buy eBay gift cards for cheap elsewhere (keep in mind that eGift Cards from Staples don't get sent at least until tomorrow and you might the sale).

  • Manufactured spending for minimum spending threshold
  • Use up your expiring eBay Bucks and eBay Gift Cards (I had over $1,000 of eBay Gift Cards I wanted to use)