Saturday, July 4, 2015

iPad Air 2 16GB $359 This Week at Target Via Cartwheel App

Update: You can buy Target eGift Cards from Gift Card Zen for 7.5% off.  These gift cards can be used online only unless you enter the gift card into the Target App.    Keep in mind that there is a 4 gift card per online order limit so $25 denominations might have a better discount, but are not as useful.

HT - DA via email communication pointing me to Fat Wallet

Target is having a major sale on iPad 16GBs this week (7/5-7/11)!

16GB iPad are normally $499 and are $399 this week.  Use the Cartwheel App for 10% off, dropping the price to $359 before tax.

I just sold 4 silver iPads this week for $449 in hours on Amazon (I will have to increase the price because they sold too quickly).  Fees were about $30.  I sold a space gray iPad for $458.  There is potential for manufactured spend at the least and good money if you someone bites at the higher end.

Unfortunately, cartwheel purchases are in store only so the 10% discount is only going to be in store.  We will see whether the $399 price is available online since that is still a great deal and requires minimal effort.  Deal is available online currently, but you won't get the extra 10% savings, but you can combine discount gift cards with your 5% RedCard savings.  I don't know if cartwheel purchases stack with 5% RedCard discount, but I doubt it. RedCard 5% discount can be used on top of 10% cartwheel discount.  See Help Center. Thank you Adam for pointing that out in the comments.

Can I use Cartwheel with my REDcard?
Yes, you can use your REDcard on top of your Cartwheel offers!

Remember that if you pay online with Target Gift Cards you still get the 5% Target Redcard discount and free shipping.

Check out next week's circular here.

Available in Silver and Gold only