Thursday, July 16, 2015

Great Posts from Around the Web

Here are some great posts from the around the Blogosphere to know about.

It's been Will's mission over at Doctor of Credit to get people into Bank checking and savings account bonuses.  I normally look for any excuse to not apply, but some of these bonuses are just too lucrative to pass up.  It's finally getting into my thick skull!

Manufactured Spending:

  • Adding the AFT Cards Back Into My Toolbox
    • Doctor of Credit
      • It's important to know lots of ways to MS.  I call this emergency MS.  When you signed up for a credit card and you forgot to do the spending for the annual bonus and it's the last day.  You need to be able to spend $10,000 in a pinch if necessary.  Some techniques have smaller fees than others.
  • $200 Visas Return to the Staples Website & More Good News!
    • Miles to Memories
      • There seems to no longer be a 3 card per person limit.  Limit is now 9.

Credit Cards/Banks: