Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gift Card Deals on eBay Ending Tomorrow Morning!

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The gift cards deals on eBay from last week are ending tomorrow morning.

There still are reselling money makers available, including 76 Gas and Cabela's.

$100 76 Gas gift cards that cost can be sold for $92 to Cardpool.
$50 Cabela's gift cards that cost $40 can be sold to ABC gift cards for $40.50

If you buy 3 76 gift cards you will earn $6, $5.40 in eBay Bucks and $3.24 from Top Cashback.
If you buy 5 Cabela's gift card, you will $2.50, $4 in eBay Bucks and $2.40 from Top Cashback.

$25 Kmart eGift Cards are also available, but are only a moneymaker only when you take into account eBay Bucks and Top Cashback.

You can find all the gift cards still available here.

Remember to use Top Cashback which is now 1.2% cashback for eBay purchases.