Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Don't Ever Use Gift Card Rescue

Shawn over at Miles to Memories talked about some possible issues that can be involved in selling to Gift Card Rescue specifically.

I want to share my experience with them and a warning to not use them when reselling.

I recently tried to sell TGI Friday gift cards to them.  I sent in $500 worth of gift cards hoping for a $400 payout.

The gift cards were sent in the mail on June 30th and I got an email today that they were received, which is great.

The other part of the email was extremely disturbing:

Here is the relevant information from the email:

If I don't verify everything within 30 days:

Please send the requested documents within 30 days of receipt of this email or your order will be deemed abandoned and donated to on your behalf.
Are you kidding me!?  They are just going to keep my gift cards if I don't verify them!?  Outrageous!  How about sending them back to the customer.  Maybe take a fee for your time and manpower.  That's $400 worth of merchandise.

I am able to verify and I will send in the info, but this is the last time I will sell anything to Gift Card Rescue!