Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CardPool Paid 92% for My "66" Phillips Gas Gift Cards

There was an eBay gift card deal available awhile back that sold "66" Phillips brand gas gift cards for cheap.  These gift cards can be used at 66 and 76 gas stations.

The problem was that many resellers bought 66 brand at a much lower rate than the 76 brand.  I tried to sell the card as a 76 brand gift card to Cardpool to get the 92% rate.  Cardpool accepted my gift cards and confirmed I would be paid 92%.

Just to follow up and because 76 brand gift cards went on sale yesterday on eBay I wanted to let everyone know that the check came in the mail and they in fact paid me 92%.  Not shocking news, but it is nice to have a good experience with one of the resellers.

Selling your 76 cards to Cardpool should be no problem.  Just make sure you read Chasing the Points to avoid paying for postage.