Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cardpool Bought my "66" Phillips Gas Gift Cards at 92%!

Update: @NateTheBlade tweeted that he was able to sell the same gift cards to ABC gift cards for 92% as well.  They are currently buying at 92% as well.

Doctor of Credit posted about a nice eBay Gift Card deal recently involving Phillips gas gift cards.

The $100 gift cards were going for $90.  In terms of the payout, DoC wrote:

These gift cards can be used both at Phillips and at 76 gas stations. Interestingly, 76 gift cards resell for 92% of their value while the Phillips 66 cards only go for 86-88%. Hopefully, the cards will be generic and say both gas stations on the card. I’m not counting on that, however, and we’re assuming for now that we’ll have to either use it or resell it for 86-88%.

The actual gift cards said "66" on them, but they could be used at 76 stations as well so it wasn't clear how they would be treated.

The idea for the purchase was that eBay was offering targeted extra eBay bucks (8% in eBay Bucks) which I was eligible for.  Even though there were likely be a loss on the sale, you would make the money back in eBay Bucks.

After accounting for the loss, the profit would be:

Well, I am happy to report that I sold the gift cards to Cardpool at 92% and I got this email from Cardpool today:

Instead of a loss of $2 on each card, it was a profit of $2 on each card in addition to all the other benefits.

Cardpool is still buying them for 92% as of 5 minutes ago so if you were saving them up, sell them now.