Monday, July 20, 2015

Best Buy, Twitter and American Express - $25 off $250 Purchase

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HT: Doctor of Credit

Spend $250 at Best Buy with an American Express card and get a $25 credit!  That's 10% off.

Expires 9/30/2015

This is available on all of your American Express Cards and in your AMEX Offers for You section.

Here's how to do it on Twitter if you haven't done so automatically:

  1. Sync your American Express card with your twitter account (no need to do it twice).
  2. Tweet #AmexBestBuy
  3. Wait for your confirmation tweet from American Express that you will be getting the credit
  4. Spend $250 at Best Buy (In store or online) and you will immediately get an email from American Express confirming the credit

-   Best Buy eGift Cards and Corporate Cards do not count for this!
-   Not valid at Best Buy Express, Geek Squad Serviced made outside of Best, Buy, Best Buy Parts Store, Best Buy Private Store and Auction or at standalone Pacific Sales Stores 

What to buy?

Gift Cards


You can buy 3rd party gift cards here (HT- DoC), but nothing too exciting.  If you are a raise bulk seller you might get excited about iTunes gift cards.  They are 10% off.  Your total price would be $200 for $250 of iTunes Gift card.  Too much work for too little payoff for me.

In Store

You can buy $200 Best Buy gift cards in store.  That will enable you to make larger purchases than $250 with the full discount.
Alternatively, some Best Buy stores sell $200 Visa Gift Cards and/or Amazon Gift Cards.

Reselling Idea

Here is one idea for Reselling if you buy gift cards in store.

Apple - iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 128GB - Space Gray - Larger Front

iPad min 3 128GB - currently being sold for $449 at Best Buy.  That's about $490 with tax for me. It's about $540 on Amazon.  That's just about break even price, not worth it on its own.

If you are able to get 10% off from the $449 price, your price will be about $40 after tax.  You would probably earn around $30-$50 per iPad.  This is a lot of work for that, but it should work.

Keep in mind that you will not earn Best Buy Rewards points for purchases with gift cards (often you don't earn Shopping Portal points as well).  I don't know if you earn them when you buy the gift cards.  You can try to confirm that in store.

Shopping Portals

Best Buy is pretty bare right now.  Discover Deals has been dropped.  Your best bet is 1x miles from American Airlines for the bonus.  Alternatively, you could use Be Frugal for 1.5% cashback