Thursday, July 23, 2015

Best Buy and American Express - $125 off iPads - Worth Considering

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Best Buy is having their "Early Access" sale of Black Friday in July

Here is one to consider:

iPad Air 2 16GB in any color for $375.  Not an amazing deal on its own but decent with the AmEx offers for you of $25 off $250.

After taxes you are looking at about $410 or so.

This is not great.  You can sell them on Amazon for about $440. Fees are about $30 so you are looking at breaking even.

You get to keep your rewards, 1.5% from Be Frugal and Best Buy Rewards (2% for non-Elites).  Keep in mind that you can use this to move your way towards elite status which comes with more Best Buy Rewards points.

However, when you bring in the new AmEx Offers for you of $25 off, you can now make $25 in addition to everything.  Still not amazing but something to consider.

You can also consider going to Staples to have them Price match.  This will give you Staples Rewards and 5x Ink, but you will forfeit the AmEx offer.

Note:  I have noticed that Amazon prices have gone down quite a bit.  Partly from resellers, but I think mostly because people are waiting until the next line of iPads come out.  They will continue to go down so be aware.  This would have been a great deal a few months ago.  You may also get extra returns once the new line comes out.