Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bank of America Stopping Product Changes for Better Balance Rewards - Phasing out BBR Cards?

Recently, I've been trying to product change a couple of my Bank of America credit cards to Better Balance Rewards cards.  It's on my list of my favorite pajama money tools.

I've done it a few times in the past.  Normally, even if one rep tells you it can't be done, you just hang up and call again.  I've collected 4 of them for myself and another 3 for my wife in this way.  I didn't apply directly for the BBR card since it has no sign up bonus.  I apply for a card with a sign up bonus, earn the bonus and then product change.

This last round has not gone well for me.

Phasing out the Better Balance Rewards Card?

I spoke with 3 reps on the phone.  One told me she couldn't do any product switches, which is a bunch of bologna.

I spoke to 2 more.  Both tried to product change and said that their system denied my request. The reps said that they can product change my existing card to anything except the Better Balance Card.  The reps said that the card is being phased out so they weren't allowing product changes to the BBR card anymore.  When one rep says this, you hang up and call again.  When two say it, it is already a trend.

After this, I tried to do it over the online chat.  I was denied again.

This time the rep said:

****: Bank Of America is in the process of simplifying the card types and are phasing out the ability to convert to the Better Balance Card. Very few accounts are able to make this particular conversion.

What to do Going Forward

Going forward, here are my recommendation:

  • Call BofA to see if you are eligible for a product switch.  The rep didn't say that nobody could do the switch.  Maybe you can.  I would personally rather not get a $200 sign up bonus if it meant that I could lock in another $100 a year with the BBR cards every year.

  • Apply now for the BBR card (Not an affiliate link).  The application is still available.  Hopefully they will keep accounts open even if they get rid of the card for the future.  

I hope I am wrong on this since it is a great card, but we'll see.  This is not absolutely confirmed so don't go crazy, but there have been enough changes recently with Bank of America that I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.

Anyone else experience the same product change woes?  More importantly, has anyone else been able to successfully product change recently?