Thursday, July 23, 2015

AmEx Offers for You - $15 off $79 at Walmart - Targeted

HT - Points for Later on Twitter

Update: For some reason, Walmart is accepting orders for eGift Cards and then you get an email cancelling it.  I recommend buying physical gift cards or $100 Visa Gift Cards to avoid the cancellations.  

I only found this offer on one of my accounts, but on almost all of my wife's accounts.  The offer is for $15 off $79.

This is an easy money maker.  Walmart eGift Cards can be sold to SaveYa for 91% which is $72.8, you are paying $66 for $80 of eGift Cards (2 x $40 eGift Cards).  That's almost $7 for free.

Alternatively, you can buy a $100 visa gift card for $105.38.  That leaves you paying $90.38 for the $100 gift card.  For many, this is the best deal since most people can liquidate visa gift cards for their entire value.    This is almost $10 for free.

If you have the offer on multiple cards in the same online log in, before you add it to any one card, open a new window in your browser for each card.  Activate them all at the same time.  Otherwise the offer will disappear from the rest of your cards in the same online account.

If you don't have many AmEx cards, you should get more.  The Offers for You have been incredible lately.  Here is some info on taking advantage of extra Authorized Users for more promotions.