Wednesday, July 15, 2015

AMEX Express Checkout - Newegg Cancel your $0.30 Item? Don't Worry, Yet

The last 2 days have been amazing for American Express cardholders.

With the introduction of AMEX Express Checkout, AMEX was giving out $10 per AMEX card at a number of merchants. 

Newegg and Ticketmaster were real moneymakers.  

Trouble hit this afternoon with a slew of cancellations from Newegg.  It seems that the seller didn't do a great job of monitoring their inventory and decided to cancel lots of orders. 

It's interesting that the email says that the customer decided to cancel, which I and others most certainly did not.

Now that orders are cancelled, the question is whether the credits will come through.  My prediction is that the credits will come through anyways.  I can't say that for sure but there is nothing to lose here.  Let's wait a week, see if the credits post.  If they don't, we can all go back and buy game codes for $0.40 which don't run out.

I would also recommend contacting newegg customer service asking why it says the orders were cancelled when you didn't cancel the orders.