Wednesday, July 15, 2015

American Express Business Gift Cards - Simply Best Coupons - 2% Cashback on 7/22

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Sorry to break up all the Prime Day Madness, but here is a deal to mark on your calendars.

Simply Best Coupons will be giving 2% cashback on American Express Business Gift Cards on Wednesday (7/22/2015). That is better than the usual 1.5% from Top Cashback and others.

Don't use a promo code and don't buy denominations greater than $3,000 since they are not eligible for extra money.

Here is the email:


We thought you might want to know about our next American Express Business Gift cards promotion:

Next Wednesday - 7/22/15 we will be offering 2% cashback on American Express Business Gift Cards. It will start at midnight Pacific time.

Read the terms carefully! $3,000 gold cards don't qualify for cashback.

Feel free to use my referral link as a thank you ;)

Be on the lookout for 2.25% cashback from Top Cashback as well. They often coincide, but not always.

Take a look at Frequent Miler where he tries to predict increased AMEX gift card payouts.  2 days off, not bad.