Thursday, July 23, 2015

American Express and HP - Buy 2 $50 AMEX + Tax - $20 off - 13% Back Everywhere in NJ - Possibly More

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HT @Yeshu1984 on Twitter

Update 3: HP has officially cancelled the orders.  It was worth a shot

Update 2: Dead - American Express Rewards card has been pulled from the website.  Congrats to those who got in, but it seems that orders will be cancelled since no one has even gotten an order confirmation yet from HP.

Update:  from Mr. Rebates - Based on this I would recommend doing no more than 10 from a shopping portal since you might lose all of your portal cashback - Cash back can be negated by HP on high volume customers or reseller purchases per HP's full discretion. HP defines high volume customers as more than 10 orders per month per customer. Please review all HP restrictions on cash back eligibility!

One of the new Amex Offers for Yous today is $20 off a $100 purchase to HP.  I found it on all of my accounts.

I didn't think twice about it because I have nothing to buy at HP, but through the HT from twitter, I found out that you can actually buy 2 $50 American Express Gift card to trigger the deal.

I paid $107 after tax.  After $20 off, I will be paying $83 for $100 of AMEX gift cards.  That's 13% off.  Your price will be different based on the taxes in your location.

I bought it and I got my congrats email a couple minutes later.  Order confirmations still haven't arrived for anyone I know.

It gets even better, you should be able to use a shopping portal as well.

Discover Deals is offering 10% cashback which would double to 20% if you are enrolled in Discover's Double promotion.

If you don't have a Discover card, please consider signing up from my referral link.  We will each get $50 (after your first purchase) which will be doubled after 13 months.

Alternatively, Mr. Rebates is offering 6% cashback if you don't have a Discover card.

Both portals exclude gift card purchases.  It can't hurt to try.

Keep in mind that this will probably die quickly and there is a chance your orders may get cancelled or not get shipped at all.  Get in while you can!