Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Amazon Prime Day Tomorrow - Walmart, Best Buy and Target Fighting Back

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Tomorrow is Amazon Prime Day.  Amazon is billing it as "having more deals than Black Friday."

We'll see how good the sales will be, but Prime Day is only available for those who are Amazon Prime members.

You can sign up for a Free 30-Day Trial or you can decide to wait to see if there are any worthwhile sales for you.

Other Retailers Fighting Back

Walmart announced that it will have its own sale on the same down that is open to everyone.  They now have a "Dare to Compare" feature that shows you when their price is the same or even cheaper than Amazon's.  Many of these deals have already started.

Best Buy announced that it will have its own sale "Black Friday at Best Buy" on July 24th and 25th.

Target has had a Black Friday in July promotion for the last 6 years

This is great news for everyone.  More competition is good for consumers.  Hopefully we can find some really great deals.