Sunday, July 5, 2015

850 Points from BBVA Compass (NBA card) in 2 Minutes (Worth $8.50) - Pajama Money

HT - DC via email

There are two promotions that BBVA Compass is running right now.  If you have a credit card with them you should be eligible.  Many people have the NBA credit card.

The first promotion earns you 100 points for completing a five question multiple choice survey (click 4 times on one page).  Points are posted immediately.

The second promotion earns you 750 points for signing up for eStatements.  Points do not post immediately.

Here is how to do it:
Login to your BBVA Compass rewards account from here (it won't work if you log in to the regular NBA rewards website - go figure)

The survey promotion should pop up immediately.

This is what the actual survey looks like:

Not exactly difficult.

The eStatements promotion requires you to click on "My Profile" in the top right corner. This is what you will see:

850 points are worth a statement credit of $8.50, all for 2 minutes of work.  Easy Pajama Money! Not too shabby!

If you don't have an NBA card, now is the time to sign up since they have a $100 sign up bonus and if you sign up before the end of August the annual fee is waived forever, not just the first year.  The card is another AMEX that can be used for promotions like Small Business Saturday.

They also have times where you can earn 5% cashback on every purchase (the week of the NBA finals and All Star Game).

The card also has nice promotions, including $50 for spending $250 on gas/groceries (expired) and a current targeted travel promotion that are lucrative if you can take advantage of them.