Monday, July 20, 2015

$10 AMEX Express Checkout Credits from Cancelled Newegg Purchases Not Posting - Time to Buy More Game Codes

Last week, Newegg cancelled many people's purchases, including many of my own purchases.

I was checking my American Express accounts this morning for the Best Buy offers and I saw that the Ticketmaster credits posted.  Hurrah!

The Newegg purchases that were cancelled unfortunately did not post.  I was hopeful that the credits might post anyways, but it looks like I was wrong.

I made a purchase from Newegg for every card.  I made the purchases for Newegg on the 14th and the purchases for TicketMaster on the 15th.

I did receive the $10 credit when I purchased a game code since the order was not cancelled.

I like that every purchase has a credit associated with it!

Ok, time to go back and buy lots of $0.40 game codes.  That's annoying.  Let's hope that the credits will post even though it isn't our first time using AMEX Express Checkout anymore.