Friday, July 31, 2015

Great Posts from Around the Web Part 1

Here are some great posts from the around the Blogosphere to know about:

I haven't done this for about a week and then I was away for a couple of days and a ton happened so here is part 1.  I will try to get Part 2 at some point this weekend.

Allen Edmonds Gift Cards and AMEX Offers for You - $10 per AMEX Card - Pajama Money

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Top Cashback

HT - TZ via email

One of the new American Express Offers for You is for Allen Edmonds.  The offer is $50 off a $200 purchase and expires on 9/20.  Your first inclination for an AmEx offers for you is whether you can use the savings and if not, it should be whether you can sell a gift card for profit.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

$100 eBay Gift Card $95 on eBay from PayPal Digital Gifts

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Top Cashback and eBay

PayPal Digital Gifts is selling $100 eBay Gift Card for $95.  Limit of 1.

These gift cards can be used to buy other gift cards. When you purchase non eBay gift cards you will also get eBay Bucks.  eBay gift cards are not eligible for eBay Bucks.

Start your purchase at Top Cashback and you may get an extra 1.2% cashback.  Terms and conditions exclude eBay gift cards from 1.2%.  One time I didn't get the 1.2%, but lately I have been getting it.

Use a Chase Ink Business Credit Card and you might get 5x points per dollar spent at eBay on items sold by PayPal Digital Gifts.

There is a limit of $5,000 in eBay gift cards that can be used in 180 day period.

PayPal also has unknown velocity limits so you may not be able to buy the gift cards or use the gift cards once you buy them.  Very frustrating sometimes.

Sam's Club - iPad Air 2 16GBs $130 off with 5% Discover Deals - 3 Days Only!

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Raise, Sam's Club, Amazon, Be Frugal

iPad Air 2 16GB Wifi Cellular is $130 off from Sam's club.(One of the Shocking Values) Max 2 per Member

Bank of America Museums On Us - This Saturday and Sunday

Bank of America Museums on Us program gives Bank of America card holders free access to select museums on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month.  August 1st and 2nd are the dates for this month so that means this Saturday and Sunday are the free days this month. 

$100 BP Gift Card for $90 Max 3 - Reselling Moneymaker

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  eBay and Top Cashback

HT: Doctor of Credit

eBay is a having a sale on BP gift cards.  $100 BP Gift Card for $90.

These will go fast, they already went out of stock and back in stock.

This can be a money maker for reselling or just a really gift discount, all from the comfort of your Pajamas.

You can buy up to 3 $100 gift cards for $90 each, $270 for $300 is the limit.

- You can break even (even getting a small profit) by reselling the gift cards (currently buying at 90.5%) according to Gift Card Granny.  Little profit at this point.

Top Cashback Great Customer Service

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Top Cashback

The last couple of ideas I've talked about a few companies poor customer service, Gift Card Rescue and Junkcard.

I figured I should probably mention a really great customer service episode I had with Top Cashback.

Gift Card Deals on eBay Ending Tomorrow Morning!

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Top Cashback and eBay

The gift cards deals on eBay from last week are ending tomorrow morning.

There still are reselling money makers available, including 76 Gas and Cabela's.

$100 76 Gas gift cards that cost can be sold for $92 to Cardpool.
$50 Cabela's gift cards that cost $40 can be sold to ABC gift cards for $40.50

If you buy 3 76 gift cards you will earn $6, $5.40 in eBay Bucks and $3.24 from Top Cashback.
If you buy 5 Cabela's gift card, you will $2.50, $4 in eBay Bucks and $2.40 from Top Cashback.

$25 Kmart eGift Cards are also available, but are only a moneymaker only when you take into account eBay Bucks and Top Cashback.

You can find all the gift cards still available here.

Remember to use Top Cashback which is now 1.2% cashback for eBay purchases.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ticketmaster $0.50 Link Working with AmEx Express Checkout - $9.50 per AmEx Card!

$20k Challenge Result Take 2 - Profit Revised Down Significantly

Last Friday I posted the breakdown of my $20k challenge results.  I claimed that I earned a profit of 2.9% on the sales and 10.3% when you consider all of the portal payouts and loyalty points, etc.

Then on Tuesday I showed one of my main purchases, which was buying iPads from Sam's Club.

Trouble then ensued:

Top Cashback Increases eBay Cashback to 1.2%

This is not a major announcement, but every little bit helps.  Top Cashback has increased its payout on eBay to 1.2% from 1.1% so that they have the highest payout on eBay.

I hope other shopping portals fight back with higher rates as well!

You Can Still Product Change to Better Balance Rewards

The Bank of America Better Balance Rewards is one of my favorite credit cards.  It takes about an hour to set everything up, but once you set up one automatic bill (or donation to your favorite blogger!) and put the card on AutoPay, you can earn $25-$30 every 3 months.

The card doesn't come with any sign up bonus so one of the best suggestions has been to sign up for a card that has a sign up bonus and product change that card to a Better Balance Rewards.  This has always worked for me in the past.

Recently, though, I was having trouble converting the card.  I kept calling and I reached out via chat and I kept being told that the BBR card is no longer available as a product change for most costumers and I wasn't able to convert.  It happened 3 times so I figured they must actually know what they are talking about.  It turns out that CSR still don't know what they are talking about.

After that post, Stary commented that her friend very recently product changed.  That gave me the motivation to keep calling.  

After a few more calls, I was finally able to find someone who was willing to do the product change (Cash rewards to BBR).  I had two cards to product change so once I had this person on the phone, I asked to change both cards.  No problem!  Two cards in one phone call.  Only took about 6 interactions with BofA!

Either way, I can confirm that product changes are still allowed even when you already have the card, at least for now.  As annoying as it sounds, just keep calling!1

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Junkcard - Bounced Checks but a Good Response

Junkcard is one of the many companies vying for your unwanted gift cards.

Reselling gift cards, especially physical gift cards, is a business based on trust.  You send your gift cards to a company and you rely on the companies name and reputation that you will be paid as agreed upon with no surprises.

Recently, someone contacted me saying that they received a check from Junkcard, but that the check bounced.  This is obviously concerning.  Are they going to get paid?  Is Junkcard about to go under because they don't have money?

He even sent me the check with NSF (not sufficient funds) stamped in the corner.

I didn't want to make an announcement without all the information so I asked him to reach out to the company.  Maybe there is a mistake?  He said he reached out on Twitter, Email and phone calls.  Nothing yet.

Definitely concerning.

I reached out on Twitter asking if anyone had any problems with Junkcard (one of the reasons to follow Bloggers on Twitter!) and I got another report of a bounced check.  This time, though, the person said that the check bounced, but Junkcard reissued the check and offered to reimburse the fee for the bounced check.

Then, without solicitation, someone commented the following on the blog:

Octavio's avatar
Octavio· 20 hours ago
Just wanted to say that might be sending out worthless checks. They sent me a hand-written Chase check as payment for some gift cards I sent them. I deposited it on 7/21 and it was returned unpaid today. I was actually happy with how fast they sent the check, but my joy was short-lived as the check was unpaid and I was charged $12 for depositing it. Personally, I am not dealing with Junkcard anymore and I suggest that if you have a check coming from them to perhaps verify it by calling/going to the issuer's bank before depositing it. I was not the only one recently burned by them - has at least 2 other reports claiming the same.

I continued to follow up with the original person who contacted me and his story ends well.  He contacted Junkcard at and got the following response.

We apologize for the error experienced with the check deposit as we have been experiencing issues while attempting to switch accounts. A new check will be issued to you along with the fee reimbursement charged by your bank.
Thank you.

You can check the status of reply to this ticket online at: 

Thank you,

Junkcard Going Forward 

If you have gotten a bounced check from them.  Send an emal to  Hopefully they take care of you.

I am a firm believer that companies are allowed to make mistakes.  Bounced checks shouldn't happen and this problem must be remedied going forward.

That being said, what distinguishes one company from the next is how they respond.  I consider this to a be an appropriate response to the issue of a bounced check.  I would hope this issue will not continue, but at least I know that if it does occur, Junkcard will take care of the problem

Turnover Tuesdays - My Sam's Club iPad Collection for the $20k Challenge

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Amazon, Be Frugal, Raise

For those who are not familiar, I started a series a while back called Turnover Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I like to highlight one item that I have resold. This will include profitable and non profitable sales. I hope that there is always something to learn.

I also joined the $20k challenge trying to resell $20,000 of merchandise in 3 month on the AmEx Business Platinum.  I'm basically done with the $20k challenge with a profit margin of about 10%.  Almost half of that came from one type of purchase from Sam's Club.  It was so successful that I did it over and over again (not too many times to be deemed a reseller and lose my portal payout.)  If something is working well, you can keep doing it while also looking for other options.  You can also check out Week 8 and 12 for other purchases during the challenge.

Like most of my resells, buying it straightup doesn't get you very far, it's the combination of many avenues of sales that make it worthwhile.

Unfortunately, this is not something that works right now, but who knows it may come back at some point in the future.

Week 1 - First attempt at reselling
Week 2 - My second straight fail
Week 3 - My iPad mini collection
Week 4 - Bed Bath and Beyond
Week 5 - An iPad Idea for Your Staples Gift Card Collection

Monday, July 27, 2015

iPads on Sale at Sam's Club - Only Available Until 10am ET

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Raise, Sam's Club, Amazon, Be Frugal

I'm on vacation so I don't have time to really go into detail, but I couldn't resist with this deal.  It's going to steal the thunder from my Turnover Tuesday's post for tomorrow, but hey this is available and I didn't want you to miss out.

iPad Air 2 64GB Wifi Cellular is $130 off from Sam's club.(One of the Shocking Values) Max 10 per Member

Petco and American Express - $7.00 per AmEx Card - Approach with Caution

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Top Cashback, Discover, Petco

HT - TZ via email

One of the new American Express Offers for You is for Petco.  The offer is $15 off a $50 purchase and expires on 8/30/2015.

First of all, if you don't have a Petco account, I would appreciate it if you signed up with my referral link.  We will both earn $10 off a purchase at Petco.  It won't work on gift cards (that would be nice!).

There isn't too much money to be had, but let's work this through as some might be interested for the points or hitting a minimum spending threshold and for the possible extra money maker at the end.

PSA - You Should Still Never Use Gift Card Rescue - Changing Buying Prices on You

A while back I posed a PSA to not use Gift Card Rescue.  After you send in your gift cards, they sent many people emails stating that if you don't give them certain documents, you can consider your gift cards a donation.

Miles to Memories joined with his own PSA and DoC said he will no longer sell to them.

Their responses on twitter weren't all that impressive either.

I have stopped selling to them even when it could have been more lucrative, which was on more than one occasion.

To be fair, my sale has gone through (so far) without another hitch,  though I am still waiting for the check.   I was emailed that they will pay me the full amount they said.

Others have not been so lucky:

Since then, there have been a number of people who have commented on the original post and the comments have not been pretty either.

Reader Chris had a similar story:

Chris's avatar
Chris· 1 day ago
I completely agree with this post on Gift Card Rescue. This is a WARNING from myself. These guys are SHADY!!! I was quoted at $200 for my gift cards and immediately sent them in. I then get an email stating they received them and that the offer has been lowered to $160 for no reason!!! I can either have them sent back to me or I can just accept this price. I don't care how good the offer was, I wouldn't sell these or any other gift cards in the future to these guys! So I give them a call and the lady has enough nerve to tell me that they usually require the seller to send a self addressed stamped envelope back, but they'll take of that for me. HOW NICE OF THEM!!! Also, if I happened to not respond to them in 30 they just keep the cards and consider them "abandoned". Something needs to be done about this business.

Reader Jack has a pretty horrific story:

Jack's avatar
Jack· 1 week ago
I received the similar email and sent all the receipt etc. documents. At the end giftcardrescue still rejected my sale (they said they reserve the rights to do so). My disaster is not the rejection of the sale, I am completely ok if they reject my sale. But they have to return all my cards to me. The awful thing they did to me was that giftcardrescue mailed me back an empty envelop (with a tracking number as the prof for delivery) with no cards in it and claimed that it is the USPS lost my cards and they are not responsible at all. Can you believe that a company whose business rely on packing and shipping will pack $4700 cards(in $50 value of each card) in a format that would allow all of them fall out completely in the 2 days priority mail delivery? I hope orensmoneysaver and others who still doing business with giftcardrescue will not receive an empty envelop ever and you will get paid or receive the cards purchased or need to be returned ect.. Hope all of you good luck and no need to suffer the lose I experienced with giftcardrescue. If any of you had the similar experience and would like to join a classic lawsuit , please contact me. Thank you.

Once again, please do not use Gift Card Rescue as you are risking losing your merchandise or getting less than what was promised.  If you have had a bad experience, you can also file a report with the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General's office.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Multiple Ways to Save at Staples Right Now

Update: Gift card portion is dead. 

I will be on vacation until Wednesday so please forgive me if you email or tweet at me and I don't respond immediately.  There are posts prepared and ready for Monday and Tuesday.

There are multiple ways you can save money at Staples today.

In Store Only - 25% Staples Rewards on One Item

Staples has their 25% back in Staples Rewards on one item this week.  You can find it at

Valid in Staples® U.S. stores only. Membership number must be supplied during purchase to receive benefits. Not valid on prior purchases or purchases made with Staples®Procurement or Convenience Cards. Limit one coupon per customer, nontransferable. Purchase a qualifying item and earn 25% back in Staples Rewards. Standard percent back in Staples Rewards will be excluded. Price eligible is amount paid at checkout after application of all promotions, coupons, instant savings and rewards redemptions and does not include tax or shipping. Not valid on desktop or laptop computers, tablets, netbooks, Amazon products, 

Basically, the coupon is not useful for all the things I normally resell, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to find anythign good.  Think outside the box and check the prices on Amazon as you are browsing.  If you find anything interesting, be sure to comment.

Online - A few ways to save

1) $30 off your purchase of one regular-priced item.  Use Coupon code 68813.  Expires 7/29/2015.  Limit of One.

2) Buy Discount Gift Cards at 15% off - PayPal is selling $200 Staples eGift cards for $170.  You might even get 5x Ultimate Rewards points if you use a chase Ink Card. Be aware that since it is sold by PayPal, there are unknown reasons why the transaction often does not go through.

3) Use a Shopping Portal. You can either use the Upromise portal for 5% cashback or the United Shopping portal for 4x miles + up to 4,000 bonus miles for extra spending.

As always, use a Chase Ink credit card for 5x Ultimate Rewards points as Staples.  Also make sure to use your Staple Rewards # for up to 5% back in Staples Rewards (25% back for the first deal)

Friday, July 24, 2015

$5 off a $50 Purchase at Target with a Visa Signature Card

HT - Million Miles Secrets

Looks like Visa Signature is trying to compete with AmEx with their own offers that are specific to Visa Signature.

Competition is always good!

The one that jumped out at me was $5 off a $50 purchase at Target.  You need to go through their link so you can't use a portal bonus as well and you must pay with a Visa Signature.

Today is the last day to redeem the deal.

Terms & Conditions

  • Merchandise subtotal based on one shipping destination per order.
  • May not be combined with other promotional codes or discounts applied to previous orders.
  • Offer excludes: Electronics, Digital Photo Frames, Toys, Baby Diapers, Baby Toiletries, Baby Food & Formula, Men’s Shavers & Grooming Products, Movies, Music, Books, Clearance Items, Grocery & Essential Items, Target GiftCards and Specialty GiftCards and Limited Time Design Collections and Collaborations.
  • Offer subject to change, and is based on individual merchant's terms and conditions.
  • Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  • Offer valid only when you pay with your Visa card.
  • Any taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

American Express Business Gift Cards - 2.2% from Be Frugal - Today Only

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Be Frugal

HT - Frequent Miler

Recently, there have been a few increased payouts on American Express Gift Cards from the different portals.    Competition among the sites is good for everyone!

Be Frugal (my referral link) is offering 2.2% cashback for buying American Express Business Gift Cards.

Feel free to use Frequent Miler's referral link as well.

I will earn $10 for the referral and you will earn $5 for signing up.

 Business cards only!   Promo codes invalidate cashback and cashback is only for $2,000 denominations and below.

No promo codes! Your cashback from Be Frugal will be invalidated.

Use your $10 American Express offers for you to save an additional $10.

20K Spending Challenge - Final Update - All Merchandise Bought - 2.9-10.3% Profit So Far - Should Get Better

Back in May, I joined Miles Per Day's $20,000 spending challenge.  The idea is to spend $20,000 on the American Express Platinum card within 90 days for the greatest amount of profit and the least amount of effort/time.  The full sign up bonus of 150,000 Membership Rewards Points is earned when you spend $20,000 in 90 days.

A couple of notes to start with:

- Everything that has been sent to Amazon has been sold and I am only waiting to be paid for one iPad because it was returned and resold so there is another delay in payment after the refund.

- Almost all spending has gone through American Express gift cards first at a 2.25% payout from Top Cashback which leaves a net of 1.9% after fees.

Here is some updates  from some of the other contestants:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

American Express and HP - Buy 2 $50 AMEX + Tax - $20 off - 13% Back Everywhere in NJ - Possibly More

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Mr. Rebates, Discover it

HT @Yeshu1984 on Twitter

Update 3: HP has officially cancelled the orders.  It was worth a shot

Update 2: Dead - American Express Rewards card has been pulled from the website.  Congrats to those who got in, but it seems that orders will be cancelled since no one has even gotten an order confirmation yet from HP.

Update:  from Mr. Rebates - Based on this I would recommend doing no more than 10 from a shopping portal since you might lose all of your portal cashback - Cash back can be negated by HP on high volume customers or reseller purchases per HP's full discretion. HP defines high volume customers as more than 10 orders per month per customer. Please review all HP restrictions on cash back eligibility!

One of the new Amex Offers for Yous today is $20 off a $100 purchase to HP.  I found it on all of my accounts.

I didn't think twice about it because I have nothing to buy at HP, but through the HT from twitter, I found out that you can actually buy 2 $50 American Express Gift card to trigger the deal.

I paid $107 after tax.  After $20 off, I will be paying $83 for $100 of AMEX gift cards.  That's 13% off.  Your price will be different based on the taxes in your location.

I bought it and I got my congrats email a couple minutes later.  Order confirmations still haven't arrived for anyone I know.

It gets even better, you should be able to use a shopping portal as well.

Discover Deals is offering 10% cashback which would double to 20% if you are enrolled in Discover's Double promotion.

If you don't have a Discover card, please consider signing up from my referral link.  We will each get $50 (after your first purchase) which will be doubled after 13 months.

Alternatively, Mr. Rebates is offering 6% cashback if you don't have a Discover card.

Both portals exclude gift card purchases.  It can't hurt to try.

Keep in mind that this will probably die quickly and there is a chance your orders may get cancelled or not get shipped at all.  Get in while you can!

Best Buy and American Express - $125 off iPads - Worth Considering

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Be Frugal

Best Buy is having their "Early Access" sale of Black Friday in July

Here is one to consider:

iPad Air 2 16GB in any color for $375.  Not an amazing deal on its own but decent with the AmEx offers for you of $25 off $250.

After taxes you are looking at about $410 or so.

This is not great.  You can sell them on Amazon for about $440. Fees are about $30 so you are looking at breaking even.

You get to keep your rewards, 1.5% from Be Frugal and Best Buy Rewards (2% for non-Elites).  Keep in mind that you can use this to move your way towards elite status which comes with more Best Buy Rewards points.

However, when you bring in the new AmEx Offers for you of $25 off, you can now make $25 in addition to everything.  Still not amazing but something to consider.

You can also consider going to Staples to have them Price match.  This will give you Staples Rewards and 5x Ink, but you will forfeit the AmEx offer.

Note:  I have noticed that Amazon prices have gone down quite a bit.  Partly from resellers, but I think mostly because people are waiting until the next line of iPads come out.  They will continue to go down so be aware.  This would have been a great deal a few months ago.  You may also get extra returns once the new line comes out.

Raise non-Bulk Seller Promotion - Commissions Lowered to 10%

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Raise

Right now, Raise is having a promotion where your commission is lowered from 15% to 10%.  This is great if you aren't a bulk seller with Raise.  Promo code is RESELL10.

It works until 7/31/2015 and doesn't say one time use.  One time use only.  Gift Card must be valued at $20 or more.

This should be able to stack with their current promotion through Top Cashback of $1.50-$10.00 per gift card.  It says it doesn't stack with any promotions, but I assume that refers to promocodes, but you might not get TCB money


To redeem, sign in and apply code RESELL10 on the listing form. Exclusions: Gift card value must be over $20. First-time sellers only. Limit one-time use within date of promotion. Cannot be combined with any additional offers. One redemption per household. Offer expires on 7/31/2015 11:59PM CST."

Big Habitat + AmEx Offers for You = Cash Money

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Amazon, Be Frugal

Just like everyone else, when the AmEx offer of $100 of a $599 purchase at Dell came out, I was looking to milk it.  That's $100 off $600.  This should be easy, right!  Gift Cards, of course!  Even if break even, you get $500 of credit spending and maybe you throw in a portal bonus and you're swimming in money.

Well, here is what happened last night when I checked.

AmEx Offers for You - $15 off $79 at Walmart - Targeted

HT - Points for Later on Twitter

Update: For some reason, Walmart is accepting orders for eGift Cards and then you get an email cancelling it.  I recommend buying physical gift cards or $100 Visa Gift Cards to avoid the cancellations.  

I only found this offer on one of my accounts, but on almost all of my wife's accounts.  The offer is for $15 off $79.

This is an easy money maker.  Walmart eGift Cards can be sold to SaveYa for 91% which is $72.8, you are paying $66 for $80 of eGift Cards (2 x $40 eGift Cards).  That's almost $7 for free.

Alternatively, you can buy a $100 visa gift card for $105.38.  That leaves you paying $90.38 for the $100 gift card.  For many, this is the best deal since most people can liquidate visa gift cards for their entire value.    This is almost $10 for free.

If you have the offer on multiple cards in the same online log in, before you add it to any one card, open a new window in your browser for each card.  Activate them all at the same time.  Otherwise the offer will disappear from the rest of your cards in the same online account.

If you don't have many AmEx cards, you should get more.  The Offers for You have been incredible lately.  Here is some info on taking advantage of extra Authorized Users for more promotions.


American Express Business Gift Cards - 2.25% from Top Cashback Today Only

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Top Cashback

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Discover Deals and 5% Cashback Information - Sears Online Purchases Earn 5% and Possible Best Buy Clawbacks? Still Evolving

I mentioned earlier today that there have been rumors of clawbacks of cashback from Discover, specifically for not using Discover as your payment.

Some questions of readers made me go back to my Discover statement to see what the results have been.

American Express Business Gift Cards - 2% Cashback from Simply Best Coupons - Today Only

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Simply Best Coupons

HT - Frequent Miler Quick Deals

Simply Best Coupons will be giving 2% cashback on American Express Business Gift Cards today. This is better than the usual 1.5% from Top Cashback and others.  On a $10,000 order, you will earn an extra $50, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Earn Up to 2% cash back on your American Express Gift Cards order.
  • 2% cash back on Business American Express Gift Cards
  • 1.3% cash back on Personal American Express Gift Cards
  • No cash back Business Original Gold $3K and Consumer Original Gold $3K cards
  • No cash back on Mall Gift Cards
  • No cash back when promotion/coupon code is used
  • Not eligible for cash back on purchases over $10,000 on Consumer Gift Cards and over $100,000 on Business Gift Cards per 14 days
  • Not eligible for sign up bonus payout

They aren't paying out sign up bonuses if you use American Express Gift Cards, you will need to use them for other purchases.

You can use Frequent Miler's referral link or you can use my referral link, you will get $5 and your referrer will get $5. In addition, your referrer will get 5% bonus on your purchases up to $50 so spread the love to others as well. Payouts start at $20.

Do not use any promo codes and don't buy denominations above $3,000 or your cashback will be voided

Most of the time Top Cashback will soon payout 2.25% so I would wait for that.

Great Posts from Around the Web

Here are some great posts from the around the Blogosphere to know about:

Discover Deals and Sears Doesn't Go Away After Maxing out Your 5% Categories - 42-62% off Everything

It's my opinion that the blogosphere gets a little too caught up with Discover Deals tied into their 5% categories and for good reason.  When you combine the 2, the 5% rotating categories adds an extra 10% onto any Discover Deals portal cashback if you are enrolled in the Discover Double promotion.

That is awesome, but it is limited to $1,500 of spending per quarter.  That's just not enough.  I know, you can get a second Discover, but what if you haven't had your first Discover for a year yet or what if you already spent $3,000 or what if you want to spend a lot of money at Amazon as well!

I, for one, plan on using my Discover Card more than that.

American Express and Staples and Twitter- $20 off $100 - Dead

HT - Doctor of Credit

Update: Dead - Maximum number of activations reached

This is a no brainer.  Spend $100 at Staples and get a $20 Statement credit.  You can buy Visa Gift Cards, 3rd party Gift Cards, Staples Gift Cards, iPads or anything you might actual want from Staples.  It also stacks nicely with portal bonus increases for United, Southwest and AA.

Here are the terms and conditions

Unlike other American Express offers for the week, I wasn't able to find this in the Offers for You section of any of my cards.

You can enroll by tweeting #AmexStaples

Do it now!  It will die.  You can spend later.

More concrete ideas in the morning!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Up to 6.66x + 5x On $1,500 of Purchases at Staples

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Staples

The United Shopping portal is currently offering 4x miles per $1 spent at Staples.

There is also a United Shopping portal bonus.  If you spend $1,500 at any store, you will earn 4,000 miles.

If you combine the two, you will earn 6,000 united miles + 4,000 bonus united miles for spending exactly $1,500 at Staples.  That's a combined 6.66 miles per $1 spent

Use a Chase Ink to pay and you will earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points.

So you can earn 10,000 United miles and 7,500 UR points (which can be transferred to United) for spending $1,500 at Staples.

Remember that portals don't give out bonuses for tax so the base price needs to be $1,500 before tax.  Chase Ink does give out 5x for the tax as well.

You could always buy $1,500 of eBay Gift Cards or other eGift Cards in anticipation of the next sale (no clue when that will be) or you can buy a $100 Lowe's eGift Card for $90 (HT - Frequent Miler).  No reselling action but if you need to make a purchase at Lowe's this is a good discount.

Have a reselling idea?  Put it in the comments?

Please note that the terms and conditions explicitly exclude gift cards from earning miles through United. That being said, reports have been positive lately and portals have been paying out for eGift Cards purchases at Staples.  If it doesn't track properly, they won't credit you because of the terms.  That is a risk of the deal.

$30 off Amazon Fire with Discover Card or Discover Rewards

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Amazon

$30 off Amazon Fire with Discover

Use promo code DISC30KND  and you will save $30 off select Amazon fire tablets.

The great part about this is that Discover is paying out 5% on purchases from which will turn into 10% after 13 months if you are enrolled in the Discover Double promotion.

CardPool Paid 92% for My "66" Phillips Gas Gift Cards

There was an eBay gift card deal available awhile back that sold "66" Phillips brand gas gift cards for cheap.  These gift cards can be used at 66 and 76 gas stations.

The problem was that many resellers bought 66 brand at a much lower rate than the 76 brand.  I tried to sell the card as a 76 brand gift card to Cardpool to get the 92% rate.  Cardpool accepted my gift cards and confirmed I would be paid 92%.

Just to follow up and because 76 brand gift cards went on sale yesterday on eBay I wanted to let everyone know that the check came in the mail and they in fact paid me 92%.  Not shocking news, but it is nice to have a good experience with one of the resellers.

Selling your 76 cards to Cardpool should be no problem.  Just make sure you read Chasing the Points to avoid paying for postage.

Up to 4,000 Bonus United Miles from United Shopping - All Day Recess Promotion

HT - The Points Guy

United Shopping portal is offering up to 4,000 extra miles for using their shopping portal.  There is also a sweepstakes which you can learn about on the same page.

The more you spend, the more you earn!

Here is the breakdown

Spend $125 - Earn 500 miles
Spend $600 - Earn 1,750 miles
Spend $1,500 - Earn 4,000 bonus miles

These increased portal bonus are a great way to rack up miles, we've seen increases from American Airlines and from Southwest as well.  This one requires more spending but offers more miles.

All these miles are in addition to the base miles you earn by shopping at specific stores.

Terms and Conditions:

† During the “Back to School” bonus campaign, which runs from July 21, 2015 through August 12, 2015 at 11:59:59 pm ET (the “Bonus Period”), Member will receive a one-time bonus of up to 4,000 bonus award miles on qualifying purchases, in addition to the standard miles earned from shopping online through MileagePlus® Shopping. Bonus miles will be issued based on Member’s cumulative qualifying purchases made during the Bonus Period: 500 bonus miles for qualifying purchases of at least $125; 1,750 bonus miles for qualifying purchases of at least $600; or 4,000 bonus miles for qualifying purchases of $1,500 or more. Returns, cancellations, shipping and handling, taxes, gift card or other cash equivalent purchases, and certain products are not included in the bonus award miles eligibility calculation; please see the MileagePlus Shopping site for details on product eligibility and/or any coupon code details or other usage restrictions. Please allow 8-10 weeks after the Bonus Period for bonus award miles to post to your MileagePlus Shopping account. The maximum number of bonus award miles that will be awarded to an eligible MileagePlus Shopping account through the “Back to School” bonus campaign is 4,000 bonus award miles. This offer cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Please check the MileagePlus Shopping site daily for updates to increased earning opportunities. Void where prohibited by law.