Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Update on Groupon Deal - Orders Cancelled Until I Used eGift Cards

Recently, I mentioned a Groupon deal for iPad Minis as a reselling opportunity

I tried to order 2 times with different credit cards and both times the orders were cancelled (portal cashback is still posting so far) due to an issue with my credit card.  I used the cards elsewhere without a problem. 

I am not the only one.  Reader Daniel commented that his order was cancelled as well.

I then bought eGift Cards from Staples with my Chase Ink to earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points and hopefully so that the order goes through.  I am happy to update that my order did in fact go through.  Portal cashback is posting for this as well even though I used gift cards for the entire purchase.

If your order is cancelled, buy Groupon eGift Cards from Staples.  That should work.  The eGift Cards were delivered the next morning