Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Turnover Tuesdays - $100 off Select iPads at Staples - Available Now - In Store Only

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For those who are not familiar, I started a series a while back called Turnover Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I like to highlight one item that I have resold. This will include profitable and non profitable sales. I hope that there is always something to learn.

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This week I would like to highlight a deal that is still available so that some of you can still buy itif you are interested.

The Item - iPads at Staples 16GB and 64GB

If you check the Staples Circular this week, you will see that some iPads are $100 off their regular price, but the sale is in store only.  Valid through July 4th.

Here are the prices

  • Air 2 64 Gold or Space Gray - $499

Let's leverage this deal for reselling

Taxes - In NJ, the taxes came out to $27 for the 16GB version and $35 for the 64GB version.

Shopping Portal

This deal is available in store only so no shopping portal bonus.

Credit Card Points 

There are two ways to buy this:

1) Chase Ink - 5x Ultimate Rewards.  You will earn 2,135 UR points for the 16GB version and 2,675 points for the 64GB version.

2) Discounted gift cards - 10% off.  Currently, you can buy $250-$500 Staples gift cards on Raise for 5.9% off, but the price is constantly changing.  Use an American Express Gift Card which you purchased with a 2% credit card when Top Cashback was paying out 2.25% if you have it.  That will subtract 3.9% from the deal.  Let's call that 10% off for ease of math (actually 9.8%).

If you go with choice #2, you will actually be paying ~$385 for the 16GB version and ~$485 for the 64GB version, after taxes in NJ.

Loyalty Points - Staples Rewards

If you are a premier member of Staples Rewards, you will earn 5% in Staples Rewards for the purchases.  That is  ~$20 in Staples Rewards for the 16GB version and $25 in Staples Rewards for the 64GB version.

As you can see from the picture, Staples Rewards can really add up.  That's over $300 of rewards in one month!  This is almost entirely from reselling.

Fulfillment by Amazon Fees

Fees depend on how much you sell the item for, but $28 for 16GB version and $35 for the 64GB version is a good estimate.

Your Haul - Final Tally 

16GB version - Assuming Gift Cards

You pay $385 and you sell for $422 after fees - Net profit of ~$35 per iPad
You also earn ~$20 of  Staples Rewards

16GB - Assuming Chase INK

You pay ~$427 (depends on taxes in your area) and sell for $422 after fees.  Net loss of $5
You earn $20 in Staples Rewards and over 2,100 Ultimate Rewards Points.

64GB version - Assuming Gift Cards

You pay $485 and you sell for $520 after fees - Net profit of ~$35 after fees
You also earn $25 of Staples Rewards

64GB - Assuming Chase Ink
You pay pay $535 and sell for $520 after fees - Net loss of $15.
You earn $25 in Staples Rewards and over 2,600 in Ultimate Reward points.

I will personally take the extra cashback over the Ultimate Rewards points, but everyone is different.

Random Points

- Keep in mind that this is an in store deal so everything will depend on whether your particular Staples has them in stock.  If they don't, ask if you can order it to the store and have them price match to the cheaper price.  I did that on Sunday.

- There is no limit that I know of when buying iPads in store (there is a limit online).  Just depends on your store manager and their stock.

- If you want, you should be able to go from store to store buying them.

- Shipping fees to Amazon are extra.  I shipped 7 iPads on Sunday in one shipment and paid less than $6.  Try to ship everything in one box.  It will make your shipping prices negligible.